Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fabulous 15

Somehow, however it is possible, Christian turned 15 on January 25th. I'm thinking back on when he was born and remembering all the emotions and how horrible the weather was. That day school was canceled because everything was coated with a sheet of ice and people were going off the roads all over town. He was 2 weeks early, induced because I had toxemia (spiked blood pressure)- a little bit of a rough start. He was born on my Grandma Schepke's birthday and was given her fathers name (he was Christian Rachow). He was only 6 lbs 1 oz when I brought him home from the hospital. He was the cutest baby, then became an active little guy, then became my best buddy, and somehow now he is taller than me, almost driving and almost dating. I guess it's all part of the growing up whirlwind, but the thought of him graduating in 3 years makes me sad... once your baby always your baby.

All my kids contribute their own special piece into our family puzzle. Being the only boy, he tends to get all the rough jobs, the hard and heavy ones, because he is so dang strong. He is actually a really good little artist, (a sensitive guy- he would hate that I said that), a little on the clumsy side sometimes, usually doesn't need to be asked twice to help, very musical, and better at way more things than he thinks he is (and is so much fun). I will even overlook the gang of boys he brings here nearly every day to clean out my refrigerator and pantry... a grocery nightmare. Since we were only blessed with one boy- I feel like we definitely got one of the best!

I just have to add... he tolerates the Barbies in his bed, the crayon drawings on his homework, and the girl drama/giggles most of the time without complaining. He has his own space and definitely uses it. (His sisters just adore him- someday he might even notice the hero worship).

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MotherToMany said...

Gosh they really do grow up way too fast. Mason turned 7 on January 25th. He was also 2 weeks early but he weighed 9lbs 8oz, LOL

Sariah turned 10 just a month ago and I KNOW those 5 years will go by fast and soon she'll be getting her drivers permit.

That is cool that he share his birthday with some family. I have a couple like that too.

Happy Birthday Christian.