Saturday, February 28, 2009

Historic St George Temple

Friday was a fun little outing to the St George Temple with all the children from primary (we had 18 show, which is actually a good turnout for our little group). It was crazy with that many in the visitors center but we split into 2 groups and it worked nicely. We toured the display called "Gods plan for the family" and it was really nice. After both groups went through we had cookies on the patio and took pictures of the kids. This was a picture I took of my 2 girls right before the others arrived. It was great to have my heart filled after such a hard week.

Thursday, February 26, 2009



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Season / New Hair

I got really tired of my girls waking up with tangled hair so I took both of the girls to the hair salon last week. No more crying when I brush their hair! Chloe said goodbye to 4 inches of hair and Sadie, very bravely, said goodbye to 7 inches or so. They did great and love their new looks. New Season, new do... I am the next one due to get the makeover and I can't wait! Yippee! Here's to springtime and new clothes as well! Hooray!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Night in the Emergency Room

Thursday, February 19th was a bad day. Corynn stayed home from school with a stomach ache and I was bummed that the flu had finally hit our family. Around noon she started throwing up and I wanted to keep the other kids away for a while so I took them (Christian, Chloe, and Sadie) to see a movie right after school was out. After the movie I went running and for some reason did the rough 5 miler... little did I know that was stupid because of the night that was ahead of me. After returning from the run, I found her moaning, throwing up, and saying how much pain she was in and holding her side. That's when the red flag went off... not the flu, something more.
I took her to the pediatrician night light clinic about 7 pm who then sent us right over to the emergency room. She was examined by the doctor (who happened to be Dr. Larson, my neighbor) and he thought it might be an appendix attack or even maybe an ovarian cyst. They did a CT scan. The surgeon on call was my other neighbor, Dr Myers. I felt like I had a lot of support because these doctors knew us and were our friends. Turns out it was a cyst, not the appendix.
We waited and waited for the OBgyn on call (who happened to be the doctor that delivered Sadie, another coincidence) and he finally came around 4 am... I was exhausted. He said that I could take her home and give her some pills to try to shrink it but I didn't like that plan. Mothers instinct told me it needed surgery, the pain was too sudden and too intense. Corynn told the doctor that she was too miserable to go home and I said I was too worried about it since it was huge (the size of a golf ball). So we decided to operate. Welcome to womanhood sista!
I was alone in the waiting room at 5:30 am, trying not to cry (not because I was worried, I had faith, but because I get weepy when I'm tired) and mad at myself because I needed to be strong for her. The doctor came out to talk to me at around 7 am and said he was so glad they operated. The cyst had wrapped around itself 2 times cutting of blood supply to an ovary, if he hadn't operated she would have lost the ovary for sure, it would have died. So relieved! We came home at around 9:30 am and slept. She is still sore a couple days later, I think we will try sending her to school tomorrow though.
All is well. No more all nighters in the ER for a long time (or ever again) I hope! This picture (above) was taken of Corynn on the tramp the night before she got sick. We swear she flipped too much and tangled up her tummy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Tiny Dancer

Sadie is in love with dance class. She must get it from mom, I fell in love with it in 2nd grade. She lives for it all week and leaves her dance clothes on the rest of the day after she goes to class. She had her studio pictures the other day and was loving it- this was her in the recital tutu, can you see the heaven?! I love it!

Friday the 13th

Today was the Valentines Party at school for Chloe's second grade class that I volunteered to help with. Complications arose as they often do. The day before the party I was called to go pick up Chloe at school because she was sick- she had a 101 degree fever. Then that night I HAD to be at a 4 hour scouting meeting (insane) and came home to a message that the room mom called and is stuck in Salt Lake so I am in charge. I called her back and got the scoop and discovered that not only was she stuck up there, but the teacher Mrs Carlson, was stuck also. There was a road closure due to a bad accident. I knew what we had planned on doing over the phone earlier in the week so I wasn't too upset, just hoping I had some moms show up to help because now 2 of the 4 helping were unable to be there. Must be the fault of it being a friday the 13th!

Chloe woke up this morning still sick, still feverish. It was Dads and Doughnuts today and she went to school loaded up on Tylenol with her dad and I prayed she'd make it there till the party. Now, because I can pull things off when I need to, sometimes I am actually competent, I called my neighbor also with a kid in this class and had her come in to help. Thank you Chris! Sadie was so excited to come and "help" also. (She was an angel!) It all worked out just fine. Two other moms showed up as well and we had tons of food which I wasn't sure we'd have. The kids were very good and the whole thing was pretty calm actually. SO we filled them up with sugary treats and sent them off to lunch and recess. The poor substitute is gonna have some fun afternoon with those monkeys!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I found Sadie sleeping like this the other day. It is an exact, classic position that I find her dad in all the time when he's sleeping. Now imagine it x20 and the "wing span" spreading across the bed- one elbow knocking me in the head. Tony has no idea why I am always pushing his elbows out of my face, someday I WILL be delivered a bloody or broken nose without a doubt. I have been lucky for these 18 years somehow. Just an occasional bonk in the head and I'm pretty tough I guess. Must be genetics... not sure I'm a big fan of this one being passed on but for now it's adorable.