Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Night in the Emergency Room

Thursday, February 19th was a bad day. Corynn stayed home from school with a stomach ache and I was bummed that the flu had finally hit our family. Around noon she started throwing up and I wanted to keep the other kids away for a while so I took them (Christian, Chloe, and Sadie) to see a movie right after school was out. After the movie I went running and for some reason did the rough 5 miler... little did I know that was stupid because of the night that was ahead of me. After returning from the run, I found her moaning, throwing up, and saying how much pain she was in and holding her side. That's when the red flag went off... not the flu, something more.
I took her to the pediatrician night light clinic about 7 pm who then sent us right over to the emergency room. She was examined by the doctor (who happened to be Dr. Larson, my neighbor) and he thought it might be an appendix attack or even maybe an ovarian cyst. They did a CT scan. The surgeon on call was my other neighbor, Dr Myers. I felt like I had a lot of support because these doctors knew us and were our friends. Turns out it was a cyst, not the appendix.
We waited and waited for the OBgyn on call (who happened to be the doctor that delivered Sadie, another coincidence) and he finally came around 4 am... I was exhausted. He said that I could take her home and give her some pills to try to shrink it but I didn't like that plan. Mothers instinct told me it needed surgery, the pain was too sudden and too intense. Corynn told the doctor that she was too miserable to go home and I said I was too worried about it since it was huge (the size of a golf ball). So we decided to operate. Welcome to womanhood sista!
I was alone in the waiting room at 5:30 am, trying not to cry (not because I was worried, I had faith, but because I get weepy when I'm tired) and mad at myself because I needed to be strong for her. The doctor came out to talk to me at around 7 am and said he was so glad they operated. The cyst had wrapped around itself 2 times cutting of blood supply to an ovary, if he hadn't operated she would have lost the ovary for sure, it would have died. So relieved! We came home at around 9:30 am and slept. She is still sore a couple days later, I think we will try sending her to school tomorrow though.
All is well. No more all nighters in the ER for a long time (or ever again) I hope! This picture (above) was taken of Corynn on the tramp the night before she got sick. We swear she flipped too much and tangled up her tummy!


Megan, Peter, and Benjamin said...

What a horrible night! I am so glad that she was able to get it taken care of though! That is not a great introduction to womanhood though! I hope she feels better soon!

holley family said...

oh my gosh... idk if i'm way overtired too but i got misty eyed reading about your wait while she was in surgery. glad thats over with though.