Thursday, March 4, 2010


My daughter Chloe is unique. I honestly think she is an angel and it will truly take a miracle for me to raise her right. She is a challenge, a blessing, and a roller coaster ride all in one. She is without a doubt the most sensitive of my 3 girls in every way that one can be sensitive. She won't kill bugs she finds in the house, she catches them and releases them outdoors because killing makes her feel bad. (So of course her brother makes sure to smash any bug possible right in front of her and announce it so she has a meltdown.) Siblings....

The other day this child was playing outside and it was a warm day so I was glad she was out getting some fresh air. Apparently while she was out there, completely on here own and not to our knowledge, she wrote the elderly man next door a note, folded it up, and placed it in his mailbox. We had no idea she had done this. Until that sweet little man walked over with tears in his eyes and told my husband about the letter he had received the day before from our daughter, the sweetest note he had ever been given. He wrote her back and gave his note to my husband for her when she returned home from school.

When she got home I asked "Chloe, did you write a nice letter to the neighbors?

Chloe: "Yes Mom, because they are good neighbors and I think they must be lonely."

(Keep in mind these neighbors tell us every year to let our kids know that they will not pass out Halloween candy so don't bother knocking! Kinda funny).

Me: "Do you know how much they loved that. The man brought you back a note and told us with tears in his eyes how much that touched his heart."

Chloe: "Well, I just thought they'd like a letter Mom, no big deal."

No Chloe, big big deal. She doesn't know how thrown away elderly people can feel or how society is moving so fast that it doesn't have time for them as the slow movers. She just does things like this. Oh, and yesterday, she decided to go over and knock on their door for a bandaid. I had to have the "maybe not every day" talk with her. She is a sweet one.

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Jenn L. said...

Chloe is just an example of how wonderful a mother you must be. I'm proud of you, old friend, you done good! :)