Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last night I was chatting with an old, dear friend who was down because of some problems. Things like that really bother me, I am the fixer, the helper, the one who can't leave something like that alone... at least let me make them crack up over something completely stupid that I say and get a laugh so I know there was a smile amongst the misery. Anyway... didn't get a chance to do that last night and it bothered me. My heart goes out to them on so many levels and I truly love and am concerned about each of my friends and loved ones. So this morning I was thinking about them again and how I could help. Sometimes a good poem or a quote from a wise author or scholar is helpful so I began my quest. I searched all morning for just the right thing.... nothing fit. Nothing seemed to ring true enough for my friends situation so I gave up and did my cleaning. Somewhere amongst the dirty laundry it hit me, what I should tell them...

"Sometimes we must open our wings, close our eyes, and trust God in our faith, to be the wind that carries us for a time... just until we are strong again and can look down from where He has taken us with a new perspective. That is the point when we truly see the beauty of our friends and loved ones in all their brilliant colors, strategically placed in our lives just when He knew they would be needed most."

Anonymous... because I could never sign my name to words that were not mine, but given to me yet created by a far greater source. I believe these words did what they were meant to do, in a way that was far above my understanding. I love when that happens! So rare for me... so dang cool!

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