Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tears (aka My Super Power)

WARNING, SLIGHTLY DEPRESSING BLOG ENTRY... and no, I'm not depressed I promise! I am just the kind of girl who always wants to make it better.

So far this has been a month of tears. Not necessarily my tears, but I have shed my share. Tears because I wish I could help people I care about. The nightly news alone is able to to bring one to tears with all the doom and gloom, things out of one's control.

TEARS from children who are frustrated. Typical, heartbreaking, and frustrating. Just loving on them more helps sometimes and then there is the times when they need that tough lovin'.

TEARS from an elderly mother in law... she is obsessed with the end of life stuff. She cannot have a conversation without shedding tears of concern and anxiety... and that's WITH medication. I hope she is taking it anyway.

TEARS from my parents, I'm always worried about them and wish I could help them more. All I can do is pray for them, call them, and be there however possible.

TEARS from friends and neighbors. Sad news it seems is bombarding my brain and hurting my heart these days.

So with all these sad tears flowing around me, sometimes I cannot help but to cry along with them. Sometimes I take a step back, always I want to make it all better. It's hard not having super powers!

So I look to heaven...

It all makes me have a greater sense of awe and gratitude for our loving Father in Heaven. He knew we would come here and be tested, struggle. I'm sure He sheds many tears for us in our times of trouble. I do not doubt that the times we are at the lowest of the lows life throws at us HE is there with us. Sometimes I think we blame him rather than turn to him for help when we feel it's too much for us to face. I guess I must take my example from Him on how I can help others... love them.

I think about how angry people get at the Almighty when life turns dark and the why me's start. I have done that myself. Why us? Why now? Why so much pain? Is this how we grow? Is this how we prove we are good as Job in our hours of need?

Sometimes I think "why not me"? So often it's so much more painful to have to watch horrible, hard things happen to others, and I want to take it away and carry it for them. Tears sometimes are the greatest release of frustration in those times, the pressure release of stress. A blessing.

Sooner or later rock bottom comes and everything looks clearer. We are not immune to pain, none of us are. Why should we be? Even the Son of God came here and felt every burden, every sin, all suffering, and all for us. He was not spared it. He knows what we feel, he is hearing our prayers for help. That brings me the most unbelievably thankful tears.

I LOVE to cry tears of joy. Tears of gratitude. Tears of amazement. Happy tears. The best thing that I've realized this week is to always see the HOPE. So, my super power? No, not tears. It's much better and I think we all have it- HOPE! Followed closely by faith's powerful inspiration.

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Jan said...

I have been a little teary lately too. A lot going on.

I am so sorry that sorrow is hitting many of those you care about. Never easy. But as you said, you look towards heaven. That is truly where the power lies to heal and be able to move on.

Great post. I almost cried :)