Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almost Sixteen

It's way more fun to watch my boy be almost 16 then to remember being that age myself.

My son and his friends are sophomores. The first year of high school here. It's also the year that all the buddies are starting to drive and get licenses, jobs, dates, and think about the big dances. Scary times in my own life as I remember back at that age, but also really exciting. Lot's of drama at that age weither your a boy or a girl... oh how I remember.

The boys come home and eat at our house every day. Thank goodness for frozen burritos. I look forward to it. I love to hear there conversations and get into their world a little. Yesterday they talked about punk rock and how it would be if our bodies were jointed like a barbie and how whacky we would move. That was funny to watch.

Today the conversation was way more serious, centered around President Obama. They discussed how they were going to have to listen to Obama talk on Tuesday at school and how they were all supposed to be Obama-bots from the "indoctrination talk". They also said how they were not keen on having that guy lead the charge in having the government take over their freedom. Interesting, I thought they were all ruled by hormones at that age, they still have a little room in their brains to contemplate anything that affects their future.

Good for you boys for caring so much and wanting a say in that future of yours and not just about the girls you'll see on the weekend. No matter what your political viewpoint, it is GREAT to see the next generation being concerned and wanting to be involved in a time when our country is in such fluctuation with things changing so quickly.


Missy said...

Ahhh. Yes! I remember sixteen. Exciting times. I think it's great that your son and his friends are paying attention to what's going on in our country and have their opinions about it. They are our future. I'm not keen on this Obama talk either, but I won't get into that right now. Have a great day!

Mandy said...

Thanks for following my blog!:) Oh, sixteen was not a fun time, drama, drama, drama!
I'm glad to hear that this generation is thinking for themselves, it gives me hope.