Friday, September 11, 2009

Rose Colored Glasses

Life has been kicking me in the backside lately. One thing to tackle after another. I am witnessing miracles among the madness however, which is the best I could hope for. In typical (goofy) ME fashion, when faced with gray times, I go on a quest of sorts, searching my life for SOMETHING, anything uplifting... and I always find some morsel of hope!

My daughter is doing better on some medication for her extreme anxiety. Never a fan of medication, yet there comes a point when you've tried everything else and it's time to bite the bullet. She has reacted marvelously to it... making me wonder WHY I waited so long to get my happy, singing, sweet, hugging, sleeping daughter back again. Man, how I missed her. The miracle of modern medicine.

Then there is my always eventful (almost) 16 yr old. He is always getting himself into situations. Sometimes he has NO idea how dangerous they are. On Monday, he was thrown off a four wheel ATV and into/over some barbed wire. He was knocked up pretty good, scratched and ripped, and really sore and miserable. In the car the other day he told me that he was still in shock from the whole accident. He had been on those machines (we do not own any) many times with his friends and had never had anything like this happen. Then he paused and said, "I should have landed on top of some sharp boulders, I came down on my back Mom. When I opened my eyes I was laying on the ground in a clearing, surrounded by those rocks and I was expecting to be paralyzed or broken, but I could move." To me, that is a miracle. He got UP and walked for help (he was the rear man in the line of boys on the machines). The boy must have guardian angels working overtime these days. You KNOW Mom is on her knees for my kids asking for that!

The picture at the top is not one I took but I saw those "God Ray's" yesterday... the sun breaking through a storm cloud, it's rays beaming down like long, golden fingers. My eyes filled with tears. Even in stormy times, light can always reach us, God's love can always reach us. I needed that.

The list of amazing things goes on and on. I have to search for the positive in day to day life. Sometimes it's overshadowed and stunk out by the garbage. We all have to stand up and walk for help when our problems are bigger than we can manage. This is why I value prayer so much as my life line. So glad I have never given up my prescription and use for those rose colored glasses as well. They keep perspective and I sure don't know what I would do without them.

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Reb said...

Thanks Cinda, love your guts!