Friday, February 19, 2010

To Do the Dew (or not to)

This is a week of firsts for my son. First day actually calling a car his 'first' car, first day driving legally with his license, and (drum roll please)...first time he was asked to a dance, yes a date, with a girl. I guess she asked him to go to "Preference" with her which is a semi-formal dance at the school. It seems to be a UT thing I guess that you can't just ask out someone to a dance, you have to creatively ask out someone to a dance.

She was very clever and had a case of mountain dew delivered to his classroom and he had to assemble the cans with the words on them that spelled out...."DEW you want to go to Preference with me, Christian ? Katlyn. (12 cans, and then he gave them away so he didn't have to carry a case of soda around all day, typical Christian). NOW the trouble is that he can't just answer her, he has to answer her back in a creative way. He is going to say yes but truly, the kid doesn't have a creative way. It's gonna be interesting. He doesn't want me to help him either so I am just hoping he doesn't blow it...the ideas he has ran past me so far were completely scary. I love you Son, but I am totally crossing my fingers that one of your friends gives you a good idea or you use good judgment and come up with a nice way of answering her SOON.

To add to this, he came downstairs today with cologne on this morning. So help me, I'm not ready for all the drama that will accompany this madness... I hope he is but I think he just innocently has NO idea.


Pam said...

No help from me other than buckle up and enjoy the ride as he jumps into the dating scene. Good luck!

Jenn L. said...

Awww. Old friend, this one brought tears to my eyes. It is so sweet and mind blowing to read you going through this with your child, when I have vivid memories of us going through it together. :) He'll figure it out, we did!

holley family said...

so i know it's wayyyyy late, but how did he finally end up anwering??