Tuesday, June 23, 2009

50 Years

I can't wait to see my family all together again at the lake. It's been 6 years since I've seen my youngest brother. Mainly this gathering is to celebrate my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary but also because it's where my kids have always grown up spending their summers with Nana & Papa at the lake and its a tradition close to our hearts.

I can't believe it's been 50 years together for my parents- they are too young to hit that milestone in my eyes.
My parents are very caring. They want the best for each of their children, grandchildren, and now even great grandchildren. They are great worriers like most parents. It's been a blessing to me that I have had fun, kind parents that have stuck together all these years. I am grateful for their examples.

Grandkids... (10) Kirt, Chelsey, Jeremy, Chase, Zane, Hope, Christian, Corynn, Chloe, Sadie Great... (3) Aubrey, Conner, Kollin

And a Daughter in law soon to join the family in October so we are all hoping that these numbers change soon! :)

When planning this event, my mom started to stress out so my sister in law Michelle and I told her to leave it up to us. My mom said she just wanted to get her kids together all in one place for once since we are spread out across the country these days. Somehow, I think that we are going to pull that off! Hooray! (BTW- they took a 3 week trip around China last November to celebrate this together as well).

The plan is to have a nice celebration dinner at a restaurant. I sent out 6o something papers asking people to send cards and letters to my parents, since they (at the time) didn't want neighbors or old friend, just family to come. We have a fancy box to present to them at this dinner that is full of letters and cards and hope that they feel how much people care about them.

After we go to dinner, we are going to have our family pictures taken (Hopefully)! Then we are going back to the cabin to have cake and ice cream and watch the "Tribute" dvd that I made to them from their grandchildren. I hope that they are happy. I really really hope we have good weather so we can get pictures outside! My kids are so excited they can hardly stand it.

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Reb said...

Are you driving up to your parents? And are you passing through and stopping? Do not forget the little people who love you and want to see you. You can stay at our house. I have to pay you back for all your hopsitality and feed you till you explode. It's the least I can do. Oh and don't make those paper invites sound like you just made something crappy, I know your invites are works of art, they always are.