Monday, June 8, 2009

What Matters Most

With all the business life can throw at me, this is what matters the most. My little family.

Yesterday at church everything that could go wrong picked that day to actually go wrong. I am in charge of the little kids and some days I feel like that voluntary job that I have undertaken is heaven... and then there are days where I can't wait to go home. It was more like the latter this past Sunday. I have a love/not so much love relationship with the position.

I felt like I was scrambling the whole time I was there. No one showed up to do what they were supposed to do. The best was that I had to add lib a 20 minute "sharing time" with 30 kids and somehow pulled it off. My daughter was naughty while I was trying to do my job. I was very glad I had a back up plan but a little cooperation would have been nice.

I got home on Sunday and my gratitude for the children I have been blessed with opened my eyes. They really are what matters most because they need me and I need them. That is why we were organized into families after all isn't it. I would say our dear Father in Heaven knew that we would need that strong unit of family love and support while we were here on Earth traveling the ups and downs of life and learning from our day to day experience. I am so amazed at what he has blessed me with!


Jake, Ashlee, and Jaxon Gardner said...

You are such a great leader! I really had no idea that was planned last minute-you did so great! I wanted to tell you last night when I saw you on your walk how I'm so glad you were asking the kids what they learned....sometimes I really wonder if the kids listen to my lessons-and try to make them easy for them to remember but also fun...but when someone actually said what we talked about I was TRULY amazed-yay someone was listening! The last little while I've been wondering if anyone remembers...and with kids wandering halls, it doesn't make it that easy..grr! We are so lucky to have you as the Primary Pres. I'm glad you are there...you make the atmosphere more relaxed-sometimes with 5,6,and 7 year olds that's pretty tough!

Jan the crazy lady said...

You pulled it off. That is what is so great about being in the gospel. I think if you are really trying to do your best, he will not let you down in those times of need. Great job and your family is so blessed to have you. And the kids.