Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm Burnt...S O S

School is out and we are into the 2nd week of summer vacation and I am still burnt. May was a horrible month with busy stuff everyday and every night. I haven't recovered yet I guess.

Totally burnt. Of course there are many forms of "burnt"...
*Growing up, the teenage smokers were the "burn outs".
*Sometimes we say we are burning a candle at both ends.
*Dinner is occasionally burnt to a crisp.
*Tough exercize makes your muscles burn.
*Burns hurt for a long time and need medical attention.
*Someone could play a trick on you and you get "burned".
No, not the kinds of burnt I mean.

If your like me or have ever felt like me or have just felt burnt in general, what's a girl to do about it? Seriously, I need idea's. How do I re-energize? Fuel my batteries? I am at a loss...

This is why I haven't recovered and am still burnt...
*I am trying to get my sons Eagle papers done, scout merit badges finished, and Electronic High School squared away. These are tough!
*I take care of my elderly in laws and their craziness gets to me.
*I have a church job that I have a love/hate relationship with.
*I am trying to plan my parents 50th wedding anniversary from out of state.
*I am dieting.
*I have kids struggling with learning issues that need help all summer.
*I have a husband trying to find design work in a slow economy, thus leaving me on a tighter than tight budget.
*I have a household to keep up with.
*4 Kids to raise, nurture, feed, entertain, care for, and try enjoy.
*A cross country trip to prepare for.

Yeah, I'd say that load is bound to drain anyone's batteries. Advice needed!


Reb said...

Well Cinda, I say wife swap, the TV show. There is always calling the gypsies and DEMANDING they take you away, not our kids. Other than that, the best I can offer is a hallucinogenic drug.

Pam said...

I say just let let go of getting everything done. Let Christian fill out his paper work for his eagle. I bet he would do great at it. If it is important to him then he will do it. Or you would hope that he would. Good luck though. All of this is easier said than done, right?

Jessica Lewis said...

I FINALLY had the chance to stop by your blog! love it! :)

Hmmm.. advice from me... Just say "NO!"to everything -- crawl into bed and sleep.

oh wait - that's probably not a great idea...

Just take a really deep breath every now and then. In fact- take about 10 of them at a time! Get some fresh air flowing through your lungs.