Monday, July 20, 2009

I Could Write a Book...

I really could write a book on my in-laws. It is amazing how many messes that they get themselves into. 90 year old kids. I have to just laugh or worry myself sick about them. What do you do when people get to a certain age and could easily become a full time job? In our case, we try not to take away any of their normality but at some point it gets ridiculous!

I need to share this experience with love and respect.

On Saturday they decided that they would drive up to Salt Lake City to see my mother in laws sister who kept falling and getting hospitalized. This sister was not doing well and in her 90's also. Our first thought was, they'll never make it up there. Our next thought was, they'll never let us tell them they can't go. We can't take away their keys until they are willing to forfeit them and my husband was away at scout camp and couldn't drive them. I had my little ones to care for. Then we thought, if they don't go and something final happens to her sister this time we'll feel horrible that they didn't get to say goodbye. So after them getting off I held my breath.

They got up there fine. On Sunday they spent the whole day at the hospital. My father in law sat at her bedside with his wife and they just sang songs to her. Very sweet, they really are the sweetest people. Her sister did pass away that night at 5 am. The children did not tell my in-laws until this afternoon which they didn't like much (not having the news sooner). Upon hearing the update, they walked into a Mortuary (they figured it must be the one they are using for a funeral, right? Any random Mortuary they drive by looked good I guess). It said CLOSED on the door. Well, they were determined to ask if they were at the right place that the sister would be brought to so they tried the door and it was open.

So what would any reasonable person do? Walk in anyway even with the closed sign and use the bathroom, right? Yep. Apparently they had to go! As they went into the bathroom alarms started going off and they didn't know what to do. Someone found them after the system went off.

...Then the police did too.

OH help me! It's too much and it makes my belly hurt! Crazy!

Now they are resting peacefully after becoming exhausted they from their criminal behavior in the funeral home. It's just so funny to me how they think. What an adventure! You can get away with things like that when your 90!


DJ and Heather McDonald said...

Funniest thing I've heard lately!!!

Jan said...

Oh my gosh. That is hilarious. I guess that is just taking it to the limit of when you gotta go, you gotta go.