Friday, July 31, 2009

Mama Tiger

Once in a while I am reminded how fierce a mom can be when someone messes with her kids. I get crazy like a mother tiger protecting her cubs, probably most moms feel like that. I don't like it when someone uninvited comes up and messes with them.

At Costco, I was hurrying through the store and some guy was at a stand trying to promote his book. It really didn't look interesting to me, so I attempted to pass and ignore him staring at us so he wouldn't stop us. It was some obscure book I'd never seen or heard of or I would have been more impressed, He stopped us anyway. Ugh...

The opening line was something like "are you guys interested in the Harry Potter books or Twilight books?" NO. Big lie, I loved Twilight, but dude... NOT INTERESTED. He kept trying. (Don't ignore the 'your not gonna get a sale' here body language). He asked my teenage daughter, "what kind of books do you read?" She answered, "I don't know". She isn't a huge reader, she has to be interested and it has to be realistic for her to enjoy a book, not fantasy. He then explained how if you aren't a big reader he has a program.... blah blah blah... and lost all of us. I started looking around for the exit and her phone buzzed. She reached down and hit silence.

This dude lectured my girl about how rude she is even to touch her phone while he was talking to her and that he was done with her, goodbye. My jaw dropped. So after giving him an "I'd like you to know it's her birthday rude dude, we didn't want to talk to you in the first place, thank you daughter for shutting this man up, we've been trying to hurry through a huge store as fast as possible before you made us stop, your stupid fantasy book about dragons is gonna fail anyway, and hello, your a big jerk now and I am SOOOO not buying your book" look I controlled my anger and hurriedly walked away.

My daughter looked at me and said "What? Mom, I just silenced my phone that was going off, is that rude?" Yes, I told her, I guess it's technically kind of rude but so is stopping a frazzled mom who is in a hurry in the middle of a Costco who has kids hanging out her cart grabbing everything they see, and some guy stops you to chat about something you were obviously NOT interested in. My only satisfaction in this story was that he didn't get a sale. She was really upset though, she hadn't had someone do that to her before, ever.

I've fought the urge to call Costco and tell them that the author was rude to me and my daughter and that we left Costco in tears. I wish I knew the title and the author and I would so post it on here. I am trying to get over it, let it go, but the mama tiger in me is still growling. I hate that!

Okay... just looked up the guys website and I can't allow myself to post the book ban campaign I wanted to because the weirdo served our country in the armed forces once. He is a nut job though, and not a people person apparently.

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Jake, Ashlee, and Jaxon Gardner said...

How frustrating!! I really think a lot of the author's that promote their books at Costco are really just snobs! You shoulda just said that nothing compares to Harry Potter and walked away! Plus, I really don't think its rude that your daughter pushed silent on her phone-she could have answered it! It's so hard to let things go...especially when it gets under your skin! Maybe if you see him again, you should all get your cell phones out, and have someone make sure they call you all at the same time...that'll really get his goat! LOL I'm so bad..it's just the satisfaction of annoying some snobby guy who's book has all ready been written by another author! How many fantasy books about dragons are there now?!?! Seriously!