Saturday, March 21, 2009


Thank you to Missy from Simply Red for the Honest Scrap Award! It made my day. I guess I am now supposed to tell 10 Honest Things About Me. Here it goes...
1- Both my husband and I are the babies in our families. Makes for good comedy at times.
2- I am a creator. Love doing crafts. Love being creative in any way possible. Preferrably with food. I make everything way more detailed than it needs to be. To me there is nothing like a little detail for that special touch.
3- I am a hard worker. Mama didn't raise a slacker.
4- I enjoy being outside... running, hiking, biking, gardening.
5- I love my country. I am a patriotic little sap sometimes but feel so blessed to live in this country and definitely worry about its current direction.
6- I am a cry baby. I fight it everyday with sweet little things I see and hear (so that my kids leave me alone and don't check to see if I am crying at the darn commercials again).
7- Love to play volleyball, waterski, swim. That is about the extent of my sportiness.
8- Miss my family in MI every day- grew up there. Love it there and here in UT, both for different reasons.
9- I worry too much. I stress out like crazy at stupid things. I try fake it that I don't though so some people think I am actually easy going. Someone once told me that they admired that I didn't sweat the small stuff- ha! (Not such an honest thing, I admit to the facade, but we all do a little acting now and then so I'm confessing).
10- I have a love/hate relationship with being the "hang out" for my kids an all their wonderful, lovable friends. They seriously are great, but loud, messy, and hungry. (I also feel this way about being the place for every family gathering in this town- we even have a sign that says Nethercott Inn, though I won't hang it anywhere permanent. Refuse to advertise, an occasional break is awesome).

My favorite part! I get to nominate 5 of you for this Honest Scrap Award! Wish I could choose you all! I am honoring...
1- Becca- Morgeneggs (Reb & Jeb and our little men)
2- Heather- djheathermcdonald (McDonald Tiki Hut)
3- Ashlee- ashleeandjake
4- Kristina- forthenry
5- Pam- Childreninducedinsanity

Thanks Everyone. Who knew blogging was so much fun.


Gary D said...

Congratulations on your award! Never heard of it, but glad to read your 10 honest things. I can't really find anything to make fun of or to pick on you. Enjoy your Sunday hike tomorrow. Jane was looking for a good picture of Christen - you'll have to feature him in a blog entry sometime.

Cinda Nethercott aka Mom said...

Okay Gary. Put a Christian story in just for you! Thanks for not picking on anything. I get enough of that around here (we like to tease each other too much).

DJ and Heather McDonald said...

Thanks for the nomination! I feel so honored and loved :)