Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March goes out like...

Just thought I would post updates on everyone
(for Grandma and Grandpa's sake,if only they had a computer).

Tony- Is excited about some new work that has come up, we don't see much of him because he is working so hard. As sad as we are about that, we are all relieved that this means things are picking up! Yippeee! The self employed thing is an up and down ride.
Cinda- Is busy with all the family and home issues, church jobs (seems like I do primary stuff every day), and pushing the little sheep (kids) along the road of life. Trying to make time for me while strategically raising a family of 4 offspring. Busy.
Christian- Is doing well in school, counting the days til it ends. He is a big fan of summer break. He is getting ready to do his eagle project reluctantly (he is burnt out on scouting). Still having problems with his knee's (Osgood Schlatters Disease). Taking piano and learning "Drops of Jupiter" by Train. In Marching Band but hates that too. Wants to take drivers ed. Is currently in trouble for breaking his cell phone.
Corynn- Still fighting the ulcer and still in pain, came home early from school yesterday with issues. Is doing well in school. Plays the flute. Taking piano also and learning "The music of the night" from the Phantom of the Opera. Is into Facebook and texting and drawing.
Chloe- getting through 2nd grade. It's been tough. We aren't sure if she will have to repeat it or not yet (I'd like her to). She is attempting to learn to ride her bike without training wheels (reluctantly) but is being forced to do this. She would stay a little girl forever if we let her but is growing very tall all of a sudden. No broken bones this year! Yet! An amazing artist.
Sadie- Is in dance class. Loves swimming and never seems to get cold. Loves dress up clothes, tea parties, make up, and dresses. Loves the cat or is it torturing the cat? Likes to ride her bike with the training wheels and do whatever she can to be a big girl and keep up with her sister Chloe. They are sharing a bedroom and that is working great.

It's been a long month...
*Had a huge garage sale (did well!)
*Went through spring break with allergies
*Corynn's ulcer and surgery recovery
*Began planning summertime, taxes, and spring cleaning
*Said hello to yardwork, the pool clean up, and the new seasons wardrobe challenges
* Money stress, lot's of prayers, and big thanksgivings

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