Thursday, April 2, 2009

When the ship has sailed...

Not to be depressing but I do so love imagery, especially when it has a message. Fables, object lessons, all of it plays to my visual learning and embeds itself in my heart. On Sunday I heard a story that I thought was so beautiful that I didn't want to forget it. I know some of you are going to say this is a tad depressing, but to me it is comforting and promising. Blogs are a great place for stories like this one (this is the general idea in my own words).

Imagine yourself leaving on an airplane or boarding a ship, saying goodbye to loved ones that you may not see for an unknown length of time. It's tough to say goodbye, emotional, and heartbreaking. You continue on your trip with sadness, knowing you must go. You must have faith that they will be alright without you. The airplane door closes, the ship leaves the harbor. You are watched as the ship sails into the sunset and gets smaller and smaller in the distance.

Those waiting for your arrival see a speck in the distance on the water, excitement grows as the ship gets larger and closer. Imagine getting off that same airplane or ship. The smiles and the joy of loved ones you are reunited with on the other side of the trip overwhelm your heart, welcoming you with open arms and tears of joy. It had been so long since you had said goodbye to them and seen their faces. Joy and happiness are restored.

As such is our departure from this life to the next. Heartbreak from one separation is followed by joy when loved ones reunite. Tears are followed by welcoming arms. Journeys are complete. One by one others will come back, all with their own itineraries. Some are taken too soon, some have wonderfully long adventures, all departures are on the Lords time. Complete is the knowledge in my heart that our separations are only temporary and our love is forever.