Friday, April 17, 2009

MISSION: Impossible (aka Date Night)

They look cozy together don't they? They look happy. They are reading "the Stinky Cheese Man" story, a favorite around here. Basically, anything with the word "stinky" in it has them rolling with laughter. In reverse, the minute mom and dad say to them, "you have to stay home tonight while dad and I have a date" the comment we most often hear is "Without us? That stinks!" No more happy family.

Most weekends are spent at the two oldest children's extracurricular activities. Normal activities are something like marching band performances, dance events, slumber parties, someone's birthday celebration, or preparing for a holiday. No dates for me. Not usually anyway.

It seems like every time we plan a date, there is something else going on that we didn't count on. Sometimes someone gets sick. Maybe we have someone come into town and stop by. Sometimes a house full of kids who live across town come hang out and don't have rides home (grrr). Sometimes our sitter age kids are tending for someone else (and getting paid, which puts the free sitting for mom and dad on the back burner). The best is the, "but I was gonna go to a movie with my friends". Right.

This week my husband and I have been reminding the kids ALL week that THIS WAS OUR weekend to go on a date. No plans! No complaints! I even went a bought a cute top to wear. Unfortunately... my son walked home from school to some obscure friends house whose phone number I do not know. Did I mention that the boy has broken his cell phone so getting him home might be a little tricky. Our 12 year old was invited to a movie. She also stayed home with a stomach ache today (which means in my eyes, FAR too sick to see a movie). Somehow, Chloe has ended up with a friend from school getting dropped off and no pick up time was specified to her, she's also asked if she can stay for dinner. NO NO NO.

I am not a push over mom. I am a fair parent, tough when I have to be. Why does this just seem to always happen? Tell me we are not alone in this frustration. Why is life so much more complicated with older children? I thought having built in babysitters was gonna be awesome. It's handy when I have errands to run but not so much for date night. It gets better, keep reading.

The kicker is... are you ready.... My husband has been up all night (running on 2 hours sleep while yet again trying to meet another deadline). He just informed me that he is now going to go on a 5 mile run and then shower and have the energy to take me out. (That is if he will get off this conference call that is going on and on). Now, he is gonna be a lot of fun don't you think? I'm getting a bad feeling that once again, this may be another non-date friday. At this point, I'll just take myself out. To quote my kids... "this stinks!"

UPDATE: It happened, it was a short one, but we escaped for 2 hours! Yippeee! I feel like a new mom.


Pam said...

Jared and I take turns every week for date night. But for the last 4 weeks there has been something that has come up due to his new calling. At least I know I am good company for myself. I hope that you will be able to go out tonight. Good luck

Jake, Ashlee, and Jaxon Gardner said...

I hope you get to go out tonight!!! You are sooo hilarious...I love reading your posts, it makes me sooo much happier, and always gives me a good laugh! (not that I'm laughing at you or anything) A new top is something I DEFINATELY would do for such a special occasion as this! We went to lunch today at Cafe Rio...something that we hardly do anymore and what's even better was the free meal Whoo hoo!!

Cinda Nethercott aka Mom said...

We did it! We went to Red Robin for a long 2 hr dinner. Only problem there is that it was LOUD! Tried to see a movie, but couldn't agree... I wanted Zac Efron, he wanted fast and furious. No big deal, we are both exhausted but we got on a mini-date!