Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gods Hands on Earth

Some of the most inspiring things are simple. I hear them from kids. I see them in nature. I discover them in the quiet moments when I am all alone. I am surprised by them through friends and often total strangers. All simple acts, simple words, simple messages...

I love it when I get emails asking me to pray for people. That's like someone saying, "Cinda, you're religious, right? I need you and there is nothing else left but prayer." Never ever do I mind that request. I get those more than I ever expected from people of all walks of life and it's a simple thing that when I act upon it teaches me so much... the unspeakable value of faith, love, and truly selfless prayers.

I love it when I see someone run to an accident or emergency to help. A complete stranger. That is proof to me of the inherent goodness of mankind. I witnessed that via the t.v. on 9/11 and again a few months ago when I saw a roll over accident with my car full of children and felt helpless to run out and help.

I love it when I am alone in the middle of the desert running and exhausted and I suddenly come across the most beautiful desert flower. They always stop me in my tracks in awe. (I know, I'm such a midwestern girl fascinated by discovering the west). I am convinced that Heavenly Father put that there specifically for me. He knew I needed that boost, that encouragement. Why else would that be there randomly? To me, it is a hug from on high, a gift. I can continue re- energized.

I am taught by my kids when they are doing something just generally really bad and I want to explode. Without saying a word I fall to my knee's (to get right in their face) and most often before I can speak (yell) at them I am swallowed up in their tiny arms. A hug that says more than words.

What simple acts have touched you? I like to think about these things on days when I feel like all I do doesn't matter. The cooking, the cleaning, the worrying, all sometimes seems to go unnoticed and unappreciated. Today, I am pooped. However, I am reminded that the important things are the little things, the ways I use myself as Gods hands on earth.


Pam said...

Yesterday a friend randomly called me to tell me that they loved me, and that was it. I was having a terrible day and her words comforted me and gave me the energy I needed to finish out the day.

Reb said...

Cinda, you should be offended, a mistake I am going to remidy righto! Sorry, please forgive me!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you, you have a place to stay at our house now! Please come and visit this summer.

Jake, Ashlee, and Jaxon Gardner said...

I guess great minds think alike! It's funny cause every example you are giving I'm nodding my head-yes I feel that way too...lol! Sometimes when I'm running I think about not stopping till I hit that stop sign or see some cool plant or flower..ahh YES the best feeling!