Friday, April 10, 2009

Cheap Easter Idea's

It's come to last minute holiday activities yet again around here. No matter how well I plan, other things come up and we have yet to decorate eggs. I finally got inspired to spruce things up for the Easter bunny. This year I am doing holidays on the cheap, like most of us are, and thought I'd share a couple of fun idea's I had this year.

1. I made a paper garland (could of done it with fabric but did not have time or cute fabric, also kept in mind my budget) with punched out flowers (black button centers) and used brads to hold it together in the corners. I cut the 12 triangles on my slide cutter so that was a piece of cake. Bought the letters at the scrapbook store but I almost used sticker letters. It cost me $1.80- can't beat that for cheap, cute decorating.

2. I didn't have an Easter centerpiece. I dug through my cupboards and found this tiered dish that my mother gave me years ago, paired it up with a lace placemat, some paper grass, bow, and gold plastic eggs. Easy (and I already had all of it). My youngest kids think it's beautiful, my older ones say it looks like grandma's house (well, she did give it me). It'll just have to do.

A not so original idea but an easy one for any holiday- the hurricane candle is on my counter top, I fill it with seasonal things and change the candle color occasionally. Try candy corn, un-popped popcorn, peppermints, hard beans, gumballs, conversation hearts- I just have to threaten my kids that they better not try to eat the goods and tell them how dusty and nasty they are.

3. OOOPS-I also did a trial run on the stuffing of the Easter baskets and found that I am a little short on my older kids baskets. I HIGHLY recommend a trial run on filling them before it's too late and it helps make sure it's all even and keeps Easter morning fight free/jealousy free. Keeping it fair is a lot of work.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday! We are going to try to focus on the sacrifice of our Savior and the fact that he rose from the dead and lives again. Truly this is the most important holiday of the year, in my heart it is celebrated with deepest gratitude for redemption, and salvation.

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Reb said...

What, you are crafty? Are you coming out of the closet? I love it.