Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fly like an EAGLE...

If you have a son in scouting, you will understand this or you will have this to look forward to...My son Christian, my only boy (after 2 years of pushing) is finally doing his Eagle Project. (The threat of NO drivers permit until this is done has worked wonders here). We got word of a eagle-esque job last week through the Forest Service and it has been non-stop since BECAUSE the project needs to be done on May 9th. I love how it's all planned for Mothers Day weekend. That was thoughtful, thank you forest service for that date, it was not Christians decision. Complaining? NO! I'll just take any date before school is out and focus is lost.

So we worked on papers all weekend. Monday the boys took the 45 minute drive each way up to the mountain to take pictures of the Museum that will be painted then hurried home and put the pictures in the paperwork and dropped them off for examination. Tuesday, corrections were made on the papers and the boys ran around town getting signatures on them from the Ranger and other leaders. Wednesday was the board of review, where Christian had to present the project for approval. We discovered 20 minutes before he was to walk out the door that his uniform did not fit, the kid grew. Solution? Call all friends of similar size and shape(who lived CLOSE) and FINALLY found something that worked. Approval achieved but not without effort.

Next? He needs 3 letters of recommendation on his character, and what a character he is. He needs to raise some money to feed the army it will take to get this done (the forest service is providing the paint). He needs to get caught up on school work before the 4 weeks remaining of school are done and we find it too late to bring up grades to their full potential. Basically, the kid needs to be going nonstop 60 mph until schools out. Time to see how high you can soar.

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Pam said...

I am sending extra hours in the day for you and your family :)