Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Current top 5 mom observed bug-a-boo's of the week

1. As other mothers have observed in their own homes, every friend that comes over to play comes over because, in truth, they are actually on the brink of starvation and desperate to be fed. A starving little birdie. I don't consider this my job, as much as I love my neighbors. When a kid comes over to play I expect them to do it, not inspect the contents of my cupboards and refrigerator. I don't mind a snack, but occasionally it becomes a feast, too often. Yep, it is happening at this very moment at my house... yet again. They have just been given the "your done" warning.

2. Kids under 5 years old believe they MUST wait to the very last possible second to relieve their bladders. Nuff said. I just liked this picture, it's very strange, much like this behavior is.

3. No child is ever aware of how awful their bedroom messes have become until they are asked to clean it up. In my household, this occasionally renders the child ill and curled up in fetal position crying about how it wasn't their fault or use the excuse of how they can't do it because it's too messy. Hmmm... nope, can't find any sympathy there, although those are priceless.

4. Teenagers have brains used for occasional use only. They have emotions that make no sense, in abundance. They are moody, messy, chatty, giggly, and craving independence. Going somewhere with your parents is torture, especially if you can't bring a friend along. On the rare occasions that I have actually been able to have my kids to myself, I have observed that somewhere under the facade they are actually a lot of fun, and secretly like their parents, and find their folks irreplaceable when they are in "need" of something (especially clothes).

5. Finally...Hangers do not serve a purpose. My kids do not use them. They do not believe that there is any use in putting in effort to have respectably kept clothes. They don't even notice them I think, and possibly have no idea why they see clothes in their closet floating in mid air. Once, I made my daughter show me that she was capable of putting something on a hanger. She did it! I then gave her a pile to hang up off the floor and came back later to find the remaining items shoved on a shelf. I have just as bad of luck with hooks on the wall. The solution is to just shut the door and take away the cell phone or the ipod till it gets done.

What I was taught again this week for the millionth time... Parents must be parents not friends and actually PARENT, your kids have enough friends.

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