Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Chloe and Sadie moments before things were devoured (the easter bunny was really smart this year and got plastic buckets to fill and so the kids could use them in the sandbox later in the season. "She" tells me they were very inexpensive at Walmart, about $1.50 each. ) Sadie's hair in this picture is priceless, a bad bedhead day. Those are the cutest.

Happy Easter everyone! I'm watching 2 of my 4 kids dive into their baskets of goodies and gorge themselves with chocolate at 7:20 am. The joy of the holiday when your a kid. BTW- I have eggs boiling for "real" breakfast but they take longer than these girls are willing to wait. Ah, childhood... must get everyone spruced up for church soon and put it all away, if anything is left that is.

Just found an Easter poem that I wrote long ago. I'm not much of a poet, but the message is there.

All the things that Easter brings
The bunnies, treats, and pretty things
The fuzzy chicks and fancy hats
The baskets trimmed with this and that
Are all so fun and sweet and nice
But we must remember the great sacrifice
That saves us all from death and sin
And showed us we can rise again.
The yellow grass that once was dead
The naked branches over head
All grow green as once they were
In spring such Easter miracles occur.

I would also like to include the words to a song the children sing at our church this time of year...

Did Jesus really live again? Yes, when the third day came,
He wakened and he left the tomb, He called Mary's name.
And there were nail prints in His hands, and a spear wound in His side
Did Jesus really live again, after he had died?
Yes, and so shall I.

That's what it's really all about! Have a blessed and Happy Easter!

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