Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If you give a mom a minute...

Chances are she will do something that is not selfish, a child under each arm.
She may head to the grocery store (a place mothers tire of very quickly).
She'll get to the grocery store and manage to remember all the things that her children like to eat that are not good for her diet.
Chances are that once in line to check out she will realize she's forget something she needed.
On the way home she'll have to stop at the gas station for the forgotten item and will notice that she is also out of gas.
Chances are once she pumps the gas she will be thirsty and need a drink from inside.
Once she finally gets on her way she will remember that her cell phone is dead and needs to be charged.
Chances are once she charges it she finds many messages from home saying "MOM- Where are you?" Oops, kids are home from school already.
Then she will remember that there is a prescription to pick up at Target.
Once inside Target, she remembers her daughters need new shorts.
Once she finds some shorts she remembers that Mothers Day is coming and must find something to send across the country to her mother.
Chance are she will not find the perfect item at Target and must go somewhere else.
Once she finds the perfect something she rushes home to her starving family that will want dinner immediately.
Chances are they will complain on what she makes.
Once the husband gets home from work he notices how messy the house is and asks her what's she's been doing all day.
Chances are THAT will not go over well.
This is when mom needs a minute... for herself.

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holley family said...

i love this! thanks for sharing.