Monday, May 4, 2009

15 days

Fifteeen days until school is out.
Fifteen days to organize my summer.
Fifteen days to stock my cupboards.
Fifteen days to get rid of clutter before more comes.
Fifteen days to have some occasional "me" time.
Fifteen days til I am taxi driver.
Fifteen days til my wallet is constantly sucked dry dime by dime.
Fifteen days til the house is Grand Central Station.
Fifteen days til I am a full time life guard in the back yard, thus giving me 15 days to fit into a swimming suit.
Fifteen days to run around town doing errands with ONLY one tag along child.
Fifteen days left on my computer before it's taken over.
Fifteen days til laundry quadruples.
Fifteen days til I hear crying and fighting a bit more often unfortunately.
Fifteen days to read the books piled next to my bed.
Fifteen days til I have every neighbor and friend showing up here at the worst possible times.
Fifteen days til the wild ride begins.
Only fifteen days...

I love summertime, I really do. I love my kids with all my heart. I love sleeping "in", which to me means a kid wakes me up and not an alarm clock. I love late nights, no deadlines, no report cards. I have a size 9 1/2 shoe and it is coming DOWN if life starts spinning to fast.

Fifteen days, to prepare mentally for what is to come...3 months of blessed chaos.

Is it like that for you too or am I needing to get on some anxiety medication?

Let's look at it like this now...
15 days til my babies are under MY influence rather than that of mean kids.
15 days until I get to do fun things with my kids instead of reports and projects.
15 days til I have help cleaning the house (yeah, wishful thinking).
15 days til I have babysitters at home.
15 days to remind my kids that they have a family and it must come first.
15 days til I have shopping partners.
15 days til I have exercise partners.
15 days til we are done fighting about piano practicing.
15 days til dance is over.
15 days til Christian retires his trumpet.
15 days til Corynn gets her braces off.
15 days til we have major trail explorations.
15 days til we are once again together, safe in our home.
The best part.


Pam said...

At least you know what to expect right? You could always throw in there a good long road trip to Michigan ;)

Wendy said...

I loved the laundry comment and the computer being taken over. I hear you loud and clear on those...and I also like how you ended it w/ the kids being safe at home!
~ Wendy