Monday, May 11, 2009

Teacher Appreciation or Going Overboard??

I appreciate that we have a week at school that teachers are acknowledged. They tolerate snotty, sneezy, germy children all day. They keep things moving in an organized manner probably better than things here at home go along. My daughter has a great teacher- Mrs Carlson. The kids in my daughters 2nd grade class are supposed to bring something each day for their teacher...
Monday- the teachers favorite candy (snickers)that means 24 candy bars
Tuesday- something blue (the teachers favorite color)how much of that will she really like?
Wednesday- a school supply like dry erase markers (those are pricey!)
Thursday- something homemade (card, etc) Now that's more like it!
Friday- money for a class gift. (yikes)
Wow. That is more effort and appreciation than I felt on Mothers Day I believe. Although, Mothering I do for free because I want to- no paycheck involved, no union, no 3 months off in the summertime, no mom appreciation WEEK. It's all fine and dandy and my daughter can barely contain her excitement and has things picked out for each day to bring the teacher already. I confess that no matter how they treat the teacher this week, I am really the lucky one- I get the girl tucked in bed at the end of the day in all her precious glory.

Thank you to all of the other teachers in my kids lives! You all teach mostly good, but the bad is part of learning that we are free to choose how we are and what we will be...

Grandma & Grandpa
Nana & Papa
Uncles, Aunts, Cousins
Sunday school teachers
Church Leadership
Friends, friends siblings, friends parents
School administrators
Police officers
Medical professionals
Government of city and state and country
Military Servicemen and women

News reporters and other media (yes, we are picking through your BS already w/our kids)
School mates
Peer pressure- you teach with your cruel dissapointments.

The list goes on and on. It's scary to think about all that teaches my monkeys. I'm just glad I'm here to help them sort through the muck and see true beauty


Beeswax said...

Oh boy. As I was reading this, I realized that my son's school had teacher appreciation week. LAST WEEK. And I forgot.

Now I feel bad.

Missy said...

Wow! Talk about showing some appreciation. That's a lot of stuff. I hope I didn't miss it at my daughter's school.
Hope you had a great mother's day and thanks for your comments on my blog.

Sarah said...

That is wayyyy overboard. I never send teacher appreciation gifts - not because I don't appreciate what teachers do. More because, like you said, they get PAID. I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't get a "computer dude" appreciation week.