Saturday, May 2, 2009


I married a man who designs cars for a living. Sure, it was kind of cool at the time but over the last 17 years it's become a little bit of a challenge. Should I ever admit that I could care less about good looking cars and am happy with one we all fit in that runs? Should I ever admit to him that I actually do not know what rims are factory and which are aftermarket? When we are driving along and he says "who designed that front end" should I admit that I don't even know which car he is talking about? I am such a car dud- the poor man.

Yet... I have been to more car shows over these years and manage tolerance and excitement like a supportive, dutiful wife. (How would he feel coming to a craft show?) It might have something to do with the fact that my dad worked on the production lines at car companies all my life and I saw him go through a lot all in the name of cars... layoffs, plant closings, etc.. not pretty.

Currently, the economy is not our friend in this industry, but lucky for me my man is muli-talented and is able to support our family. I am developing the talent of thrift. You would think that this has been a big challenge for us, yes it has and is, but the current problem of dread is... drivers ed.

I have a 15 1/2 year old son, dying to take drivers ed. I am dreading it! This is the kid who forgets his homework in the bathroom and the one who leaves his cell phone in his jeans so I wash it regularly. Does my husband feel the same anxiety as me about the whole responsibility thing? Oh no, he is DYING to buy him a car. He cannot WAIT. He is looking everywhere and trying to make that "first car" a special, happy deal. Male bonding I guess?

We went to a car show in town today and they were in car heaven. Me? I was looking for a snack the whole time with my girls and pretended to be into it. I know, I'm BAD!!! The thought of the whole thing becoming reality stresses me out. I guess it's better that it stay in the hands of the men.

My special first car experiences...
Learned to drive in a full
sized bright red van- humiliating.
Then shared my parents Chrysler K car- heap.
Then bought my first car which was a Ford Tempo- trash.
I might have some drivers ed trauma in their somewhere, I didn't take it til I was 17. I failed my first road test while attempting to get my license- doing what you ask? Parking. Major humiliation.

So, today I realized that I might have car issues, what do you think?

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