Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!

The card that my hopelessly romantic husband placed on the flowers read:"What a mom! I'm so grateful for a wife who has it all together! Happy Mothers Day!" Hmmmm.... I tried not to laugh, I just thought that was so funny! Having it together first of all- nope. (Then there's this thought...Honey, I love you but I know there's something more romantic in that creative head of yours!)

What a weekend. It was good, bad, exhausting, busy, exhausting, hot, and crazy. I spent Saturday raking pine needles and pine cones up, helping boys paint, and preparing for company. My aching back- and I thought I was in pretty good shape physically, I am humbled.

Sunday, as usual, I was the first one up, last one in the shower, and last one out the door to church. Same old thing. Then we had a meal after church with my brother in law and his wife which my husband "cooked" with my assistance as I saved the gravy and rolls from burning. Pretty comical. The important thing was when company left, I got on the phone with my mom and my husband got a Mothers Day nap. Isn't that sweet?!! (EErrrrrgggg).

All in all I am grateful for my mom today...
For her courage.
For overcoming eyesight struggles and doing the impossible things.
For amazing the doctors.
For raising four kids so I feel like maybe I can do it also.
For all she has sacrificed for me.
For crying with me.
For celebrating with me.
For asking me what I think.
For letting me care for her.
For teaching me what mothers do.
For allowing me to fail, to learn, and to pick me up when I fell.
For tolerating my stubbornness.
For wanting better for me than I often wanted for myself.
For being MY mother- for loving me always.
I love you MOM!!!


Wendy said...

There is such beauty in these family pictures! I love reading what you are grateful for & congratulations for "having it all together"... :D

~ Wendy

Jake, Ashlee, and Jaxon Gardner said...

You and your family are always doing something fun! Ok painting doesn't really sound fun, but years from now Christian will go up with his own family to Pine Valley and he can say I painted this!!! Too Cool!

Oh and the note from Tony sounds just like something Jake would say! ;)

Jaxon sure loved the toys that your brother-in-law brought! I know he had a silver bracelet with some little beads on it...I don't know that he got it back-we were looking for it on the ground but we never found it! He was hoping that his neice had it?! He seems like a really nice guy-oh and I love his accent!!